CleanShield Natural Cleaner

Chemical Free Cleaning

CleanShield Natural Cleaner was created to help protect the environment by reducing the use of harmful chemicals and detergents found in most commercial cleaning agents. Scientific surface testing acknowledged surfaces sprayed with Cleanshield Cleaner killed 99.99% of present bacteria, viruses and fungi in less than 5 minutes.

What Does CleanShield Natural Cleaner Do?

CleanShield Natural Cleaner is a completely ‘green – one of a kind’ neutral plant-based cleaning solution that will work deeper and more effectively than most other cleaning agents, releasing dirt and grime in seconds, while eliminating 99.9% of all bacteria and viruses.

Once applied to surfaces, CleanShield 100% Natural Cleaner will continue to destroy microorganisms for 7 days until the next application.

The Natural Cleaner takes the hard work out of cleaning, as even the toughest dirt and built-up grime such as food, grease, oil, mould and fungi are released within just a few seconds.

CleanShield environmentally friendly Natural Cleaner reduces the cost of traditional cleaning agents by 60-70%

CleanShield Australia recognises we have a responsibility to our customers and the environment in helping to reduce Australia’s environmental impact and dependence on chemical based cleaning and agriculture products.

100 % Natural

100% Natural Ingredients


100% Biodegradable

Antibacterial Protection

99% Antibacterial Protection