CleanShield DO2

For Crops, Fruit & Vegetables

CleanShield DO2 is an organic certified plant concentrate that is mixed with water to seamlessly integrate into your regular spray and drip-line program. D02 is applied to plants, crops and soil at extremely low concentrations to significantly improve plant health while helping to reduce plant borne bacteria and mold spores. D02 is 100% green and recorded as organic in Europe – Reg EC-834/2007 & EC-889/2008.

The product is also currently under additional laboratory testing as a 100% natural active biocidal substance that is expected (by Jan 2021) will obtain validation under Article 95 of the Eurpean Union – ECHA/NA/15/26

What Does CleanShield DO2 Organic Do?

CleanShield DO2 Organic can be applied on anything with a green leaf, helping to improve overall plant health. D02 contains natural bio-flavonoids with antimicrobial properties that destroy and prohibit the multiplication of microorganisms.

100% Natural DO2 Organic improves soil biology and plant root health, while reducing around 90% of sucking insects. It improves plant resistance to UV-B stress, resulting in better nutrient value and shelf life of organic grains, fruits and vegetables.

Many other foliar sprays or fertilisers contain hazardous chemicals that are dangerous to the environment through leaching into the ground and contamination of water supplies and rivers.

100% Natural DO2 Organic improves the quality and flavour of crops, fruits and vegetables

100% natural D02 Organic can advance crops and plant yield by 15% to 35%, reduces the high cost and use of chemicals while increasing the nutritional quality of crops, fruits and vegetables.

100 % Natural

100% Natural Ingredients


100% Biodegradable

Antibacterial Protection

99% Antibacterial Protection