CleanShield Vitalizer

For Crops, Livestock and Farmed Seafood

CleanShield Vitalizer helps break the dependence and high cost of chemicals to achieve a much healthier natural outcomes in the war against bacteria, viruses and fungi. It assists in the control of most common livestock diseases, by providing farmers with a safer ‘green’ product to support better animal housing and equipment hygiene. This product is also used as a ‘washing agent’ to keep fruit and vegetables free from mould and yeast, and to keep aqua-farmed fish and prawns fresher for over 15 days.

What Does CleanShield Vitalizer Do?

CleanShield Vitalizer is used for improving hygiene for animal housing, protecting all livestock and stable animals against bacteria, viruses and fungi for up to 21 days with one application.

This revolutionary product is also being used as a natural fruit wash to eliminate surface germs and bacteria on post-harvest packaged fruit and vegetables, without the use of chemicals.

Tests show the CleanShield Vitalizer natural washing agent increases product shelf-life by around 3-4 times and reduces cross-contamination.

Unlike many mixed chemical-based fruit wash products, CleanShield wash is a 100% ‘green’, biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

Use CleanShield Vitalizer natural wash for better animal hygiene and longer food shelf life.

CleanShield Vitalizer is completely natural and ‘green’, a ‘one of a kind”’ solution, that forms a protective shield. It can be used in Food production, or in stables with livestock and domestic animals to secure a healthier environment.

100 % Natural

100% Natural Ingredients


100% Biodegradable

Antibacterial Protection

99% Antibacterial Protection