CleanShield Tonic Water

For Crops and Plants

CleanShield Tonic Water is a natural plant-based bio-stimulant foliar plant spray, that enhances plant health and growth through the leaves to the roots of plants producing stronger, more productive, resilient crops and improved fruit and vegetable development, quality and flavour. CleanShield Natural Tonic Water will help to save the soil, reduce water pollution and positively improve agriculture budgets with less use of high cost chemical fertilisers and pesticides.

What Does CleanShield Tonic Water Do?

CleanShield Tonic Water helps crops, plants and vegetables boost their photosynthesis processes to make them grow stronger and more resistant to fungi and insects creating Systemic Acquired Resistance (SAR).

Crops, plants and vegetables will also develop an enhanced resilience to ‘drying’, as the root system will become significantly enlarged and stronger through using Tonic Water resulting in higher productivity with plants requiring less water.

Trials in Kenya, under guidance and working with the United Nations where the test community farm soil quality was minimal, and the availability of water limited, showed that using Tonic Water, vegetables and crops thrived.

CleanShield Natural Tonic Water will help to save the soil and reduce agricultural water pollution

‘Imagine increasing productivity in a green way by giving the right to and the option for the world farmer to go green, saving money and getting more crops’.

Thomas Gregersen Bowmann | CEO and Founder | CleanShield Group

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