CleanShield Antimicrobial Surface Coating

Helps Eliminate Bacteria & Viruses from Surfaces

CleanShield Antimicrobial Surface Coating – Titanium Dioxide/Silver nanoparticle (TiO2/Ag – NP) is an eco-friendly indoor and outdoor surface coatings that works 24/7 for around twelve months continuously breaking down surface pollutants, substances, and most bacteria and viruses within a few minutes after the coated surface is activated by light (artificial or natural).

The coating will also help to continually purify the air to remove bad smells from areas like toilets and bathrooms.

CleanShield coating is applied by trained professionals using specialised electrostatic spray equipment to ensure an even surface treatment.



How Safe Is Your Workplace?

With a return to work becoming more encouraged, and a combination of a dramatic surge of daily cases and the oncoming flu season (for Australia and New Zealand), we should be thinking more about the surfaces we come in contact with.

With a easing of face mask restrictions, aerosol pathogens (that would normally be caught by wearing a mask), will quickly spread onto surfaces.

Apart from disinfecting surfaces 2-3 times a day to avoid cross infection from viruses and bacteria, the CleanShield antimicrobial coating can positively help keep us safer.

What Does CleanShield Antimicrobial Surface Coating Do?

CleanShield Antimicrobial Surface Coating is 100% natural, transparent, has no residual flavour, odour or colour and when applied to surfaces will stay active 24/7.

The self-cleaning coating function repels dirt and other pollutants, and can minimises cleaning time for up to 30-40%.

Once CleanShield antimicrobial surface coating is applied, surfaces need only be wiped over with water or mild natural cleaning products which in turn reduces the amount of chemical based agents currently being used by up to 60-70%.

The self-sanitising Biocidal (European registered ECHA & REACH 2021) broad-spectrum antimicrobial coating actively decomposes most bacteria (gram positive and gram negative), viruses (including COVID-19 – laboratory tested in Europe), mould, fungi and yeast continually, providing the surface is exposed visible light (natural or artificial) to activate the photocatalytic organic degradation process of the coating.

CleanShield’s Surface Coating is non-toxic to humans, improves indoor workplace environment and reduces the potential for viral cross-contamination.

For Cleaning Contractors, your customer satisfaction ratings will improve by helping your customers minimise the risk to employees with potential cross-infections, and to the environment in reducing the use of harmful chemical products.

CleanShield TiO2 Surface Coating provides long lasting protection against bacteria and viruses

CleanShield Antimicrobial Surface Coating
CleanShield Antimicrobial Surface Coating

CleanShield Surface Coatings is registered as a Biocide

The number of bacteria present on an elevator button is almost 40 times higher than on a public toilet seat, according to new findings.

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