Who Are We

Introducing CleanShield Australia

CleanShield Australia’s natural plant-based products are fully certified in Europe as 100% green by global authorities as well as being supported and recognised by the United Nations in several third-world farming trials.

Through the CleanShield Group, we offer the full range of unique 100% natural plant-based products for the agriculture, dairy and fruit & vegetables sectors, as well as green products that eliminate bacteria & viruses for the healthcare, education, transport, hospitality and commercial sectors.

CleanShield Australia is a wholly owned subsidiary of the FICA Group Pty Ltd, an Australian owned private company.

Our partners have been providing business development services to mid-tier international and local clients continuously in Australia and the United States for over 20 years, and for over 35 years in the retail-wholesale import-export business.

Our Work with the United Nations

Supported by UNIDO

Burani, Miamba and Mtongwe in Kenya

CleanShield Tonic Water is supported by UNIDO in Africa, specifically Burani, Miamba, and Mtongwe in Kenya.

The local communities managing these farming projects are impressed with the results of the natural solution Tonic Water, which has helped the develop crops.

The land has mostly poor sandy soil, which would normally limit crop production due to limited nutrients and poor water retention capacity.

By using Tonic Water, crops were far more healthy, vigorous, and higher yielding in talking with the local farmers.

UNIDO Background

UNIDO United Nations

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