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Innovative Green Products that Work

‘… the results you have shown relating to all the six products are each of them quite exciting. It seems as if the products may play a role in solving some of the Global challenges …’

University of Copenhagen | Department of Food Science

CleanShield TiO2 Surface Coating

CleanShield TiO2 Surface Coating kills most viruses and bacteria continuously for around twelve months with one application CleanShield TiO2 Surface Coating Helps Eliminate Bacteria & Viruses from Surfaces CleanShield TiO2/Ag (nano-particle) Surface Coating is an…
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CleanShield Natural Cleaner

CleanShield Natural Cleaner eliminates 99.9% of all viruses and bacteria CleanShield Natural Cleaner Chemical Free Cleaning CleanShield Natural Cleaner was created to help protect the environment by reducing the use of harmful chemicals and detergents…
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CleanShield Vitalizer

CleanShield Vitalizer reduces the use of antibiotics and animal cross-infection CleanShield Vitalizer For Crops, Livestock and Farmed Seafood CleanShield Vitalizer helps break the dependence and high cost of chemicals to achieve a much healthier natural…
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CleanShield Tonic Water

CleanShield Tonic Water Increases plant productivity by up to 30% CleanShield Tonic Water For Crops and Plants CleanShield Tonic Water is a natural plant-based bio-stimulant foliar plant spray, that enhances plant health and growth through…
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CleanShield DO2 Organic

CleanShield DO2 Organic Increases the nutritional qualities of crops, fruits & vegetables CleanShield DO2 For Crops, Fruit & Vegetables CleanShield DO2 is an organic certified plant concentrate that is mixed with water to seamlessly integrate…
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Who Are We

Introducing CleanShield Australia

CleanShield Australia is the exclusive distributor for Australia and New Zealand for the CleanShield Group in Denmark. CleanShield Group roots go back to 2002 as TT Clean, and today operates with 32 employees in Denmark, and internationally through their dealer network.

Through the CleanShield Group, we offer the full range of unique 100% natural plant-based products for the agriculture, dairy and fruit & vegetables sectors, as well as green products that eliminate bacteria & viruses for the healthcare, education, transport, hospitality, and commercial sectors.

100 % Natural

100% Natural Ingredients

Following over 5 years of bioscience research and development, CleanShield Group has created a highly effective range of green natural products for the Agriculture, Healthcare & Public Services and Personal Safety sectors.

All our products contain only plant-based fatty acids, corn oil, organic alcohol, Ag, liquid resin, water H2O. Our Coating products combine natural ingredients with Nanoscale titanium dioxide TiO2 technology.


100% Biodegradable

CleanShield’s natural products are completely environmentally safe and are fully capable of being broken down or decomposed by microorganisms and natural bacteria then returned rapidly to nature.

Our product development objectives are to conserve the earths natural resources as well as the existing natural environment and, where possible, to repair damage and reverse current environmental trends.

Antibacterial Protection

99% Antibacterial Protection

CleanShield’s 100% natural products are extremely effective and unique in their ability to penetrate the broad spectrum of outer defence systems and disrupt normal protein functioning for superior antibacterial protection.

Our antimicrobial products kill or slow the spread of microorganisms including bacteria, viruses, protozoans, and fungi including mold, mildew and yeast. Our products also have the ability to break down biofilm.